2017 Retrospective
Wed, 10 Jan 2018 22:17:47 +0000
For 2016 I tried to do some kind of retrospective: 2016 retrospective

I failed to do so before the end of 2017, but I'll try to write some notes now.


Although in 2016 I managed to release 3 apps, this year I've been a bit more busy. I've only released,
  • ComplexFeelings, an iOS app/game to keep track of your feelings and needs.
I should also mention that I finally cleared Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain, a game I worked on for 3 years, and that it took me an additional 1.5 years to complete...

Power up!

I think I've done lots of learning,
  • Improved my Swift skills, while writing ComplexFeelings and some other unreleased projects.
  • Learned a lot more about Metal. For most of the year I dedicated most of my free time to develop a VR engine entirely written in Metal and Swift. Can't share much of it, but I wrote another blog post on Weighted-Blended Order Independent Transparency
  • Apart from VR, I learned a bit of AR. I learned a bit about Vuforia using Unity, and I followed some ARKit tutorials.
  • Kept working in C#, C++, and Javascript at work.
  • Continued working as Engineer Manager in my crew at work. I also published a blog post about how I run our scrum retrospectives.
  • My reputation in Stackoverflow increased from 329 to 739. Again not much, but a small contribution is better than no contribution.

Power down...

A brief interlude with some slightly negative things,
  • I practiced piano, but just to the level I wouldn't forget how to play a couple of songs I memorized... But I haven't managed to play anything new, and my score-reading skills are close to 0 now... Same as last year...
  • I haven't read any book yet... I've read some programming books, but not sure that counts...
  • My Japanese is getting worse... I use it at home, but our conversations aren't technical... Also, I don't read as much as I used to do.
Again, there are too many things I want to do, and too little time...


Cat! We got a cute 8-month old cat to close the year. Her name is Poppy 😊


  • Again, I travelled several times to Barcelona this year, and had really good time with my family ❀️
  • Visited Tokyo again, basically to met friends and ex-colleagues 😊
  • Short nice trips to Brighton, Girona, and Menorca
And my highlight of movies that I've watched this year, I have short reviews in Letterboxd

Music albums of the year,

  • "Final Fantasy XV" soundtrack. I haven't played the game yet, but I love the soundtrack by Yoko Shimomura
  • "Utopia" by BjΓΆrk.

And that's been my 2017! I think it's been quite good, but again I failed to admin my free time and include time for doing NOTHING!


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