This is THE LIST. My addiction! Video games! :P

I made a list for each different platform. Games on top are the ones I most recently played. I only list AAA titles, although of course I also play other smaller games. I may try to do some other list at some point...

The score I give a game is in "J"'s (a pun of the Spanish ham :p). The more J's, the better the score. But if the game is in the list, it means it is worth playing, anyway ;) The number of times I cleared a game may note those games that are worth playing more than once ;).

Platform: PS3 PS2  


Game #Clears Genre Screenshot
Publisher Score
Little Big Planet 2 0
InFamous 1
Final Fantasy XIII 1
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves 1 Adventure TPS Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
Probably the best graphics on PS3 to date. And the snow is the best snow I've ever seen in a game. The story and acting is also superb. The online game is also fun. Awesome :)
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune 1 Adventure TPS Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
Nice graphics and nice story :)
God of War Collection 1 Action God of War
God of War I and II from PS2 remastered for PS3! Graphics are now High-Def. and run at constant 60 fps. All the fun plus trophies! ;) The only bad thing is that some cutscenes were pre-rendered with the original PS2 in-game engine and recorded as movie files, and they didn't upgrade those movie files... So the resolution and looks of those cutscenes look crap compared to the rest...
Prototype 1 Action/Adventure, Sandbox
Activision JJ
It's kindda fun to jump freely around the city and mess around. It feels almost as if there were no obstacles. And the graphics are quite good. However, the story, cutscenes, acting, etc. are very bad IMHO... Also, there are just a few variations of enemies so it feels quite repetitive. There are more combat actions than enemies.
Prince of Persia 1 Action Prince of Persia
Ubisoft JJJJ
Beautiful graphics (although shadows could have been better...) and beautiful story. Plus you never die :P Getting a Platinum trophy is also easy. It's the only one I've ever got LOL.
Assassin's Creed 1 Stealth action, Sandbox Assassin's Creed
Ubisoft J
Oh my god! What a nightmare game! At the beginning, it's kindda fun because the graphics are cool and it has some nice movements. The environment is also kindda nice. But the missions.... You have to do the same thing again and again... Climb a building, pickpocket, kill a guy... And the story is pretty lame. It starts to get interesting after the ending credits! ... What a waste of a nice game engine! With better game planners it could have been lots better.
Silent Hill Homecoming 1 Horror Silent Hill Homecoming
Konami JJJ
This game was not as bad as the reviews I read. Graphics are very nice, and the inclusion of Havok's physics engine makes the environment more scary: you can stomp into things, and they make scary noises... you can move clothes, etc. The story is not so predictable as they claimed. And it contained a good mixture of previous Silent Hill installments, including the movie adaptation. The worst part was fighting enemies: they move too fast so the animation looks kindda lame. These fast movements also make fights kindda like a timing thing: you either press the button at the appropriate time or you die fast.... The critics said that the battles were too easy, but I had a hard time. I think that if you are an experienced player, just pressing buttons in proper timing will let you kill any monster quick. Otherwise, you will have a very hard time to survive even the lamest battle... Pretty unbalanced... Luckily, there are not so many battles in the game. A couple of boss fights are actually quite cool. The sound, as always, scares you to death... Akira Yamaoka's soundtrack is very nice, but not quite the masterpiece I expected. The ending could have been better.
Killzone 2 1 FPS Killzone 2: Behind the bullet
Guerrilla Studio/SCE JJJ
I'm not very fond of First-Person Shooters... I just bought the games because of the graphics :P Deferred Rendering on PS3 looks nice :)
Biohazard 5 (Resident Evil 5) 1 Horror/TPS
Capcom JJJJJ
No much horror here. It's mostly adventure and shooting. Having to save bullets give you this feeling of "horror games", but not such a big deal. The graphics of this game are awesome. And the online modes are fun to play :)
Siren: New Translation 1 Stealth Horror Siren: New Translation
I haven't played the previous "Siren" episodes on PS2, but this game is a kind of remake of the first one, but with American actors, instead of Japanese. I like how the story is divided in chapters, like some TV series. When you finish a chapter, you get a preview of what's coming next. I think it's cool. However, the story in the end is too hard to understand.
Grand Theft Auto 4 1 Action/TPS, Sandbox GTA4
Rockstar JJJJJ
Awesome. The city feels very much alive: the cars, the people (with many different reactions and lines!), the lighting... The online part is also fun to play with your friends :)
Little Big Planet 1 FPS Little Big Planet
MediaMolecule/SCE JJJJJ
Very cute community-based platform game :) Apart from the stages that come with the game, you can build your own stages, or sometimes buy extra packs (I got the Metal Gear Solid 4 pack of stages and characters :) The graphics and physics of the game are very nice. The talk they gave at Siggraph 2009 (check my e-log) was very interesting. Approximating Global Illumination with just a few sample points is very smart, and the sneak peak of their fluid simulation was enlightening :)
Lost: Via Domus 1 Action/Adventure Lost: Via Domus
Ubisoft J
Not as bad as I expected. If you are a fan of the series, it's quite enjoyable actually. Some of the facial models are quite good.
Heavenly Sword 1 Action/Adventure
Better than I expected. The voice acting and facial expression of the characters is very good. Plus nice story and graphics. The frame rate is a bit low, though, and the action is not as fun as God of War.
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the patriots 1 Stealh action PS3 Hagane Unboxing
Kojima Productions/Konami JJJJJ
They did it again ;) Superb story and graphics. I bought the PS3 to play this game, and because they released a special edition, a PS3 with steel-like color.