This is THE LIST. My addiction! Video games! :P

I made a list for each different platform. Games on top are the ones I most recently played.

The score I give a game is in "J"'s (a pun of the Spanish ham :p). The more J's, the better the score. But if the game is in the list, it means it is worth playing, anyway ;) The number of times I cleared a game may note those games that are worth playing more than once ;).

Platform: PS3 PS2  


Game #Clears Genre Screenshot
Publisher Score
Xenosaga Episode I 0 J-RPG あれだけの数、あなたには倒せないわ
Namco JJJ
I like the anime-style cinematics of this game. And I love the robot-girl, KOS-MOS. She has some of the best lines in anime history! 「痛みは私を満たしてくれますか」