This is a brief attempt of trying to write some short sci-fi stories with a touch of fantasy, and a mixture of common sense and non-sense.


Title Link Description
SurrealiTales (print)
I released a printed edition of the book, available through It contains the same stories available for download here, with some minor spell corrections, a small epilogue, and some illustrations I made for each chapter.
Music to go
The notes of this story play about death. But don't get fooled by its melody, since what it relates it's a brighter future for mankind.
Hack3rs reunited
Do hackers hack indiscriminately, or is there some kind of ulterior purpose in their hacks? Is there such a thing as ``hackers' ethics''? Would you become something you hate if you had too? Would the universe let you fulfill your destiny given enough resources? To answer all these questions you could try to hack into the creator's mind, or just keep reading the following story.
To the power of two
To feel like one has superpowers is not the same as actually having them. But a genuine feeling of power may hide some really unique property in an individual. If you feel that that is your case, in order to show to the world your super-abilities, you better find their origin first. Be prepared for any surprise that you may find.
Tree pause
The life of a tree has to be quite boring, staying at one place most of its life. But if trees feel something, it is probably in a slower and longer span than humans, so perhaps they don't feel as bored as one may guess. We should try and ask the tree of this story.
Optionality syndrome
Giving up on options is hard. Even worse, the more options we have, the more unfortunate we may feel when giving up on some of them. This story is about a man who found a brute-force solution to this dilemma.
The longest night
Some people seem to never get enough sleep. How much sleep is necessary for a person to fully recover from the stress of the day? The protagonist of this story managed to sleep long enough so the world that was stressing him had become a completely different one by the time he woke up.
Cat interlude
Have you ever paid attention to cats' lives? Cats have their own dramas, and humans participate in some of these. Since the lifespan of a human is longer than that of a cat, a single human can witness many cat dramas during his or her lifetime. This story is a recollection of some of such dramas.
Dark Ages
Without the proper care, magic can be a dangerous thing. Even experienced witches can get burnt after abusing fire spells. Apart from these dangers, the black mage in our story suffered the consequences of casting her spells in a world that was not in need of them.
Luck magnet
This is the tale of Jimbo, a truly lucky man, or so everyone thought. All his wishes could have become true, if only he had wished for something. Some people get what they deserve, while others get what others deserve. And some others, they just don’t care. But let me tell you Jimbo’s story, and leave the morale to the reader’s judgment.
God herself
This story is about the origin of all things, and about a particular woman turned into a goddess who wasn’t interested in becoming one.
This is the story of Boddes, a man who had to fight his own body in order to achieve his ultimate goal in this universe: to live a humble life.
A brain's hole tale
This is a tale of an ordinary man with ordinary thoughts. But something extraordinary happened to those thoughts, although no one really ever noticed. How do I know about it then, it doesn’t really matter. The name of the man doesn’t really matter either, but let’s call him Ebwhe, or just Eb for short.